How to Properly Pick Up a Cat?

If you share your time with a cat, you know how comfortable it is to have a cuddly friend to cuddle with. But what if your kitty doesn’t want to get up off the floor to pet him?
Read some tips to learn how to raise a cat so that both of you are happy.

Why is it so difficult to carry a cat?
Your cat may seem aloof or disinterested, and at times you may think she doesn’t like you that much. When you try to hug her, a toy mouse, her plate of food, or a favorite spot in the window can distract her attention.
Don’t worry, and she still loves you. Some cats don’t like being held. If a cat doesn’t socialize appropriately with people at first, Petful explains, they’re more likely to be anxious. Cats retain some of their wild instincts, and if they haven’t often been with people (or someone not so kind) before, they’ll be a little nervous in their forever loving home as well.
Often, a cat’s reluctance to be pampered (or not pampered) is a breed characteristic. One of the most affectionate cats is the hairless Sphynx. She is playful, and people love her so PetHelpful. The ragdoll, a wonderfully soft furry cat, is another breed that encourages you to pick it up and take it with you.
Although he has a luxurious coat that makes him want to pet him all day, as well as a cute personality, the Bengal cat is difficult to lift and hug. It retains much of its “ferocity,” is active and athletic, and has places where you can’t trap your arms.

Everything is on time.
The best time to get a cat is when he wants you to get him, and the best way to say this is to read your furry friend’s body language.
“Signs of cuddling like rubbing, licking, and a perky tail indicate they’re happy,” says Trupanion. This would be a good time to hug your cat in your arms. If its tail is bushy or you hear an enemy meow, don’t pick it up in the first place. If he squirms or bites once he’s in your arms, put him down immediately. When cats are restrained, they may feel out of control and want to escape as soon as possible.
Sometimes you have no choice but to carry your cat. If it smells like dangerous food or somewhere it shouldn’t be (the bathtub, the sink, all the places cats like to hang out), then you have no choice but to pick it up. Even if this isn’t the warm hug you’ve been dreaming of, enjoy the moment. Then quickly get down and lower it to the safest place on the floor.
There are times you shouldn’t try to pick up your cat, especially in stressful situations like walking away. B. With a new person at home, an argument with another pet, or a trip to the vet’s office. It is not recommended to welcome a cat if he is scared, no matter how much you want to comfort him, as he is likely to attack you.

How can you carry a cat safely?
Cats are afraid of sudden movements, so it’s best to be slow and steady. First, reach out with your hand so that you can smell it or rub your head against your fingers, which indicates that you are in a good mood. Use both hands to pick it up. Large and small, all cats should be held with both hands, writes Cat Behavior Associates.
To lift your cat safely, behavior expert Marilyn Krieger tells Petcha, “Put one hand under the front legs and put the other hand so that it supports the hind legs and hindquarters. You can position it so that your hindquarters cross the curve supported by your arm. “He should lie down like a rabbit in the crib or sit on one arm while the other arm forms a cat seat belt. A cat’s paws should never dangle, as this can make them feel insecure and unsupported.
Whenever you put your pet back on all fours, always lower it to the floor. A leap from your arms probably won’t hurt the cat, but the cat won’t feel supported either. Unless you have to hug the cat for safety, never hold her too tightly or ignore her when she turns to free her.
Holding your cat shouldn’t be stressful for any of you. Even if she lies quietly in your arms, there are other ways she can express affection for him, such as by telling you, pamper yourself with you on the couch or sofa.

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