How to Choose the Best Leash for Your Dog?

You take your friendly dog on a walk or outside for some activities, and using a leash is the most convenient way to do so. There are many elements to consider while choosing a leash for the dog, from materials to training styles. Understanding which materials and types will best suit your current dog’s lifestyle will help make the most informed and appropriate decision possible.

Selecting a Material

Bella Pet Store How to Choose the Best Leash for Your Dog?

Choosing Nylon. 

Nylon leashes are the most common material used to manufacture dog leashes. It is available in the market in a large variety of colors, styles, lengths, and sizes. Nylon leashes usually are better for puppies as they can cause leash burn if you have a dog that is suddenly pulling the leash from your hand.

Usage of chain leashes. 

Chain leashes are another common and affordable option but often come with more drawbacks than a nylon leash. Although very durable, chain leashes are sometimes challenging to hold and can cause difficulties for both you also your dog, should they become tangled or knotted.

Leather for a durable and comfortable leash. 

Leather leashes are not as widespread and common as nylon or chain leashes, but they are generally durable. Leather also leashes softer and are easier to grip a dog that has a strong pull. Leather leashes don’t always tangle and provide a comfortable grip than nylon and chain leashes.

Leather leashes come in two options, that flat or braided. Braided leashes are a little lighter in weight, but no significant differences between either.

Use a cotton leash when around water. 

Cotton leashes are the most difficult to find. However, cotton leashes are especially useful if your dog often swims as they hold up the best underwater or when wet. Cotton leashes, like nylon, can also cause leash burn if or when your dog pulls.

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